Occult Politics in Spain

I’ve recently heard from Javier Sierra, author of the bestselling The Secret Supper, that the Spanish edition of Politics and the Occult will be released in May. Javier is responsible for having the book come out with Planeta, and for arranging for me to take part in the International Symposium for Occulture that will take place in Madrid and Leon in October. I’ve been reading Javier’s latest work, The Master of the Prado, about the hidden influence of occult ideas on much of western art, and am finding it fascinating. Oddly enough, I’ve also recently heard that the Spanish edition of The Caretakers of the Cosmos has also just come out, with IAO Arte Editorial.  With Ediciones Atalanta publishing Spanish editions of my Rudolf Steiner and A Secret History of Consciousness, it looks like I am fairly well represented in the Spanish speaking world.

7 thoughts on “Occult Politics in Spain

  1. Unfortunately, Javier Sierra’s “The Master of the Prado” is not very well researched; for example, he states that Philip II, when dying, was looking at Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights” while in fact it was another triptych by the same painter, “The Haywain.”

      1. The book is OK-minus, too sensational for no apparent reason other than to imitate “Da Vinci Code.” But I’ll take this opportunity to say that I always enjoy your books – lucid, attractively written and full of sound information. Keep up the good work!

  2. OK,leaving a rather late comment for the above…
    Looking forward to your visit to Madrid.
    I´m a Swede who has lived many years now here in Spain,I´ve worked with Javier on Spanish radio too.
    Just ordered your book on Swedenborg,as I´m reading his “Spiritual Diary” in Swedish,translated by Erik Hermelin,a genius in his own right,a truly interesting “Outsider” if ever there was one…
    I´ve come to this web-page via Colin Wilson,his writings changed my life too,that book of yours on the maestro is next on the list…Thanks,Gary,for all your good work! T

    1. Many thanks for your message. I’m glad you’re enjoying my little book on Swedenborg and I hope you like my tribute to Colin Wilson. All the best, Gary

  3. Magic is real. In 2003 I met a magic man who entered my dream and chanted super evil and then my chest vibrated extremly strong. I have now had a extreme fear in my chest for 14 years.Burning all day. Some kind of spirit invokation magic.

    Attacked from 40km away accross the mountain

    I was offered Toontrack drums From HELL right when I met the witch. So I was taken to HELL. Parallel.

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