Dark Star Rising

Dark Star Rising 1

Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump

Within the concentric circles of Trump’s regime lies an unseen culture of occultists, power-seekers, and mind-magicians whose influence is on the rise. In this unparalleled and deeply learned account, historian Gary Lachman goes where no other chronicler can. 

First the good news: Various forms of magick and mind-metaphysics are on the rise. Now the bad news: Leading the revival are alt-right nationalists who do not want you to have a nice day.

Here is the definitive account of how esoteric practices and chaos magick relate to Trump’s victory–and your future. No conspiracies, no fantasies: a steely eyed work of realism and a triumph of historical journalism written from within a world where most religion chroniclers never tread, by acclaimed historian Gary Lachman.

“Scary and fascinating book about how the occult and esoteric philosophy have influenced the alt-right.” Mark Frauenfelder Boing Boing  

Here’s a link to my Evolve and Ascend/NuraLearning Dark Politics interview where I discuss the book.