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Occult Politics in Spain

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I’ve recently heard from Javier Sierra, author of the bestselling The Secret Supper, that the Spanish edition of Politics and the Occult will be released in May. Javier is responsible for having the book come out with Planeta, and for arranging for me to take part in the International Symposium for Occulture that will take place in Madrid and Leon in October. I’ve been reading Javier’s latest work, The Master of the Prado, about the hidden influence of occult ideas on much of western art, and am finding it fascinating. Oddly enough, I’ve also recently heard that the Spanish edition of The Caretakers of the Cosmos has also just come out, with IAO Arte Editorial.  With Ediciones Atalanta publishing Spanish editions of my Rudolf Steiner and A Secret History of Consciousness, it looks like I am fairly well represented in the Spanish speaking world.

HPB on Expanding Minds and Reading the Spirit

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Here are links to two recent interviews about Madame Blavatsky. One is with Erik Davis and Maja D’Aoust as part of their excellent Expanding Mind series. The other is with David Crumm at the interfaith website, Read the Spirit. Both are broad and open conversations about Blavatsky’s influence in the modern world.

Blavatsky Down Under

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Here is a long interview with me and the people at Mysterious Universe, a radio show broadcast from Australia, about Madame Blavatsky. As my readers might have recognized by now, I take the people I write about seriously enough to have a sense of humour about them, something HPB herself excelled in. Too often followers of spiritual teachers become defensive and sanctimonious if their gurus are spoken of in less than saintly terms. HPB encouraged a light hearted view of things, especially herself. As she told A.P. Sinnett, she was a hippopotamus.

Madame Blavatsky on Gnostic Radio

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Here’s an interview with me about Madame Blavatsky and other things on Miguel Connor’s Gnostic Radio show, Aeon Byte. The Einstein story is apocryphal, I’m sure. But I did hear that Stephen Hawking is a closet reader of Isis Unveiled, although I cannot reveal my sources…

Unveiling Isis

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Here is an excerpt from my new book, Madame Blavatsky: The Mother of Modern Spiritualitycourtesy of the Reality Sandwich site. Take a bite.