A Secret History of Consciousness


“Opens up vast vistas of possibility, suggesting that what we experience as the earth may, in itself, be inseperable from our state of mind, and that the evolution of human consciousness may be as fundamental a process as our development through genetics. A must read for those seeking an escape from our contemporary culture’s cul-de-sac” – Daniel Pinchbeck, author of Breaking Open The Head.

“Thinking outside the box, Lachman challenges many contemporary theories by reinserting a sense of the spiritual back into the discussion. Profoundly erudite, yet easy to read, this book is a provocative mind-stretcher.” – Leonard Shlain, author of Sex, Time & Power.

“A marvelously exhilarating gallop through every important modern theory of consciousness.” – Colin Wilson

“A thrilling white-water ride down the stream of consciousness.” – Mike Jay, Fortean Times

“A Secret History of Consciousness is highly recommended to all serious readers of philosophy and intellectual history.” – Robert Ellwood, Quest