Get Beyond the Robot and in the Zone

Here’s link to an interview I did recently with Tom Evans for his podcast The Zone Show. We talk about my latest book, Beyond the Robot: The Life and Work of Colin Wilson, but also about quite a few other things. The sound quality is a bit choppy in places, but overall it was a good interview. Enjoy.

I have to say that I’ve been touched by the many comments here and on Facebook from people who have read Beyond the Robot. It is inspiring and encouraging to hear from people who loved Colin Wilson’s work or who came across him for the first time through my book, and have gone on to read his own books. That was the idea. I think that in our time of ‘post truth’, ‘alternative facts’ and other high but dangerous weirdness, Colin’s ideas about how we can become more consciousness are needed more than ever.


4 Responses to “Get Beyond the Robot and in the Zone”

  1. Robert Mitchell Says:

    I’m embarrassed to say I still haven’t read BTR but it’s on my list and I promise I’ll get there soon. TSFHT was A+ and your interviews are sterling. Here’s food for thought – connect the dots between science, post-modernism, post-truth and Big Data. No surprise Cambridge Analytica aids post-truthers. The antidote to post-truth is the meta-truth of the greatest human mythical narrative: the outsider’s search for meaning, which is the hero’s journey. The king’s son, lost in the wilderness, returns with wisdom and courage to save the kingdom (Jesus, Luke Skywalker, Simba from Disney’s “Lion King” etc.). Myths are maps of initiations that lead to ultimate truths – ultimate meta-truths that are true for all humans in all times and all places and all cultures. That’s the Perennial Wisdom, and the more who embody it the greater our chances of saving the world. Be well!

  2. It seems rather tragic that visionary knowledge has been relegated to a realm termed esoteric or rejected knowledge when in truth vision is a vital capacity of human consciousness. I read Beyond the Robot and Revolutionaries of the Soul as well as the brilliant Secret Teachers of the Western World in the last month. I have read many of the books in your bibliography included within Secret Teachers yet your writing has led me to want to read so much more! For a long time I have been a devotee of the writings of Kathleen Raine. Her writings complemented my discovery of the poetry of William Blake in my undergraduate university years. After your three wonderful books I have been reading the three volumes of her Autobiography: Farewell Happy Fields, The Land Unknown, and now The Lion’s Mouth. They are among the best books I have ever read because of their dedication to telling the Truth about the course of a life as well as their insights into the wellsprings of poetic imagination which is not just the heritage of a poet but rather a legacy we all share if we but remember it. I highly recommend these three books as examples of the finest Literature ever written. As with the prose of the American Contemporary poet, W.S. Merwin, I find that the prose of a poet is perhaps the best prose one can read. I very much look forward to your upcoming book on the Imagination!

    • I’m glad Secret Teachers and the other books have brought you to Kathleen Raine. Her work has been a great influence on me, ever since I read Defending Ancient Springs sometime in the 1980s. Her defense of the poetic, imaginative tradition in western consciousness has informed much of what I have written, and should be better known, especially as a particularly authoritarian idea of Tradition – Guenon’s variant – seems to have gained a monopoly on the notion of tradition itself. I interviewed Kathleen many years ago and we met a few times here in London. She didn’t care for Guenon etc. precisely because he cared little for imagination and more for a kind of ‘scholastic esotericism’. I devote a chapter of The Lost Knowledge of the Imagination to her but the whole book is more or less dedicated to her work. Cheers, Gary

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