The Caretakers of the Cosmos


The Caretakers of the Cosmos

‘A worthy and important book.’ — David Taylor, Psychical Studies: The Journal of the Unitarian Society for Psychical Studies
‘A compelling alternate vision in which the human spirit and the material world are both fully real and fully significant. Moreover, Lachman brilliantly argues that human beings have a significant role to play in bringing the entire world — even the entire cosmos — to completion and creative fruition… This is one of the most stimulating and significant books on the subject in years. The Caretakers of the Cosmos is an essential work for all who are curious about what makes us uniquely human, and about how we can all participate, each in our own way, in the creation of a fuller and more satisfying world.’ — David Fideler, Parabola
‘[Lachman’s] views are set out lucidly, engagingly, tentatively and accompanied by a cloud of illustrious witnesses from the Hermetic tradition and the the Kabbalah, to Blake and Goethe through to Berdyaev and Cassirer (amongst many others).’ — Nicholas Colloff, Golgonooza 
‘I found Lachman’s user friendly treatment refreshing. Although the caretaker theme is common in enlightened circles such comprehensive expositions in this type of evolutionary context are rarer. Lachman’s depth of reading and research are admirable, and he weaves the story well, developing what is becoming increasingly obvious – that all of human history reflects the evolution of consciousness.’ — Martin Lockley, Scientific and Medical Network Review
‘This is a book not short of accessibility, guts and wry, dry humour… Caretakers of the Cosmos is about our relationship to each other, the planet and the Universe – which superficially might sound rather New Age. But as I hope you might realise by now, this book could hardly be further from such glib platitudes. It’s about consciousness, quantum physics, intention and engagement. In other words about the acceptance of a distinct role and a conscious commitment to it. If it all sounds like hard work, this might be the moment to remember that this relationship is about joy. But most – and to some of us, best – of all, is this book’s insistence on the ‘fallacy of [human] insignificance’. And indeed this is a far from insignificant book.’ — Lynn Picknett, Magonia Review of Books
‘Gary Lachman offers the reader a fascinating insight into esoteric and spiritual traditions that state that the world and the cosmos are not without purpose and that humanity has an essential role to play… A noble and ambitious perspective.’ — Griet Hellinckx, Erziehungskunst.