HPB on Expanding Minds and Reading the Spirit

Here are links to two recent interviews about Madame Blavatsky. One is with Erik Davis and Maja D’Aoust as part of their excellent Expanding Mind series. The other is with David Crumm at the interfaith website, Read the Spirit. Both are broad and open conversations about Blavatsky’s influence in the modern world.

2 thoughts on “HPB on Expanding Minds and Reading the Spirit

  1. In your book re HPB you mention that her materialising teacups etc seem impossible – when we raise our own frequency, ‘matter’ as we on a physical plane experience it, is no longer bound by Universal Laws, a modern example of a self-realised human, free of the limited Beliefs of conscious mind, is Steven Frain – ‘Dynamo – Magician Impossible’ – listen to his words, look into his eyes and you will see a ‘Master’ with a sense of humour, enjoying awakening people’s minds to new possibilities ! Namaste, Mary Flo Free – Australia

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