Jung in the Huffington Post

Here’s a short piece on why Jung is important that I wrote for the Huffington Post.

4 thoughts on “Jung in the Huffington Post

    1. Glad to lead you to it. There are quite a few images from the Red Book online, so you should be able to get a sense of it from them. It is a fascinating work and goes far to show how wrong Jung was when he said he wasn’t an artist. Enjoy your explorations.

  1. Gary, I just finished reading, Jung The Mystic, in two days, wow you made him so much more human and it left me with a kind of high afterwards. I’m a sixties person now in his own 70’s and I read all this literature back then. I actually have the Seven Sermons to the Dead in paperback. I’m now just starting to read Hermes Trismegistus! I started out with Blavatsky and then Steiner and I have their books too but reading your take on these influential people in my life is very exciting! Where do you find the energy and dedication to write these brilliant bios.

    1. Dear David, I’m glad you enjoyed Jung and am pleased to hear you’re reading some of my other books. That’s the kind of comment every writer wants to hear. My energy and dedication come from a belief in the significance of the ideas and lives of these important people. In the process of writing a book, I learn a great deal that I thought I already knew, and in communicating this to a reader, I have to grasp the essentials. If you’ve gathered something from reading my work, then I can feel I’m on the right track. All the best, Gary

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