Taking Care of the Cosmos at Watkins Books

I’ll be speaking about my new book, The Caretakers of the Cosmos, at Watkins Books in Cecil Court, London, on Thursday, 21 November, from 6:30 to 7:30. The talk is free and I’ll be signing copies of the book, as well as any others, provided they’re by me. The talk will be filmed and posted on You Tube so dress well. Details here.

4 thoughts on “Taking Care of the Cosmos at Watkins Books

  1. Sounds great Gary. I have bought the new book but have yet to read it. Still reading the Hermes one. Fantastic! I’m in Canada but will be in London December 4th and 5th . Anything planned for those dates by chance?

    1. Canada sounds like a good place to be – except for one of your mayors, I hear. Sadly I don’t have any talks planned for December, except one in Holland. But many thanks for picking up the book. It follows up some of the themes of Hermes so there is a kind of continuity. I hope you enjoy it. All the best, Gary

      1. Thanks Gary. I regret that no talk when I’m over to London. And yes the Toronto Mayor has certainly got a lot of unwanted attention of late 🙂 I have my office in Toronto but live outside the city. Any plans to come up to Toronto area in 2014? Best, David

      2. Thanks Gary. Well one bad apple… 😉 Would have enjoyed your talk I’m sure. I am based in Toronto, at least that’s where my law office is. Any plans to give a talk in Toronto in 2014? If not we could discuss planning one. All Best, David

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