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Colin Wilson, Radio 3, the British Museum, and To the Best Of Our Knowledge

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Outsiders will have to get their skates on next week. On October 11, I’ll be talking about my new book Beyond the Robot: The Life and Work of Colin Wilson on BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking program. I’ll be speaking with the presenter Matthew Sweet and the writer Suzi Feay, both of whom are fans of Wilson’s work and things off beat in general. The next day I’ll be back in the BBC studios to record an interview for the Wisconsin based talk show To The Best Of Our Knowledge, where I’ll be speaking about Wilson, but also about my work in the history of western esotericism in general. I’m not sure at the moment exactly when that program will be broadcast, but I will post the date when I know. And on the 16th I’ll be talking about Wilson’s time sleeping on Hampstead Heath while writing his first novel Ritual in the Dark at the all-day Folk Horror event being held at the British Museum. Famously, Wilson curled up by night on the Heath in a waterproof sleeping bag , and cycled down to the British Museum in the morning, where he worked on his existential thriller, which is best described as Jack the Ripper meets the Brothers Karamazov. If there is a film to be made of one of Wilson’s’ novels, this is the one.

Secret Teachers at the Library Journal

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Here is a review of The Secret Teachers of the Western World from the Library Journal:

Library Journal

Lachman (Evolution of Consciousness, California Inst. of Integral Studies; Politics of the Occult) presents this work as “a serious study of our ‘rejected knowledge’ and an engagement with some of the people pursuing it today” and successfully achieves his first goal of a scholarly study of the “rejected” knowledge of the Western esoteric tradition. This comprehensive history engagingly traces a way of thinking and living that was often at the margins of accepted Western society. While it would be easy to sensationalize such a past, Lachman deftly navigates between the extremes of presenting a unified “conspiracy” behind hermeticism and a polemical attack on its opponents. It is an academic work, not a practitioner’s guide, which ranges from discussions on Plato to Carl Jung and onto the New Age as well as current explorations in alternative spiritual traditions. Lachman further briefly considers important mystics from the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions who informed the esoteric tradition. VERDICT This solid introduction to occult and esoteric history provides a sensible foundation for any reader who finds appeal in the current interest in participatory spirituality as distinct from simply holding specific religious beliefs.—Daniel Wigner, South Plains Coll., Lubbock, TX

Coast to Coast with the Secret Teachers of the Western World

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I’ll be on Coast to Coast Radio in the wee hours of Tuesday, December 8, talking about my new book The Secret Teachers of the Western World. The book is released that day and everyone awake at 3:00 AM will hear about it. Give a listen if the insomnia keeps you up…

A Review of The Caretakers of the Cosmos

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David Fideler, author of an important new book, Restoring the Soul of the World, has written a review of my book The Caretakers of the Cosmos, for the journal Parabola. If you’re not familiar with the book, perhaps the review will pique your interest. And if you do know it, that’s all the better.

A Visionary Dialogue about the Occult in the Twenty-first Century

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I’ll be taking part in a dialogue about the occult in the postmodern age with Pam Grossman, Mitch Horowitz, and David Metcalfe at Reality Sandwich on Monday, November 17 at 8:00 PM EST – although it will be 1:00 AM GMT the 18th for me here in London. The wee hours are traditionally a good time to enter other dimensions, so perhaps my late-night will be for the best…

The Cosmos and other things: an interview with Greg Moffitt

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Greg Moffitt at Legalize Freedom has posted an interview with me about The Caretakers of the Cosmos. Here’s the link:

Taking Care of the Cosmos at the Theosophical Society

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I’ll be speaking about my book The Caretakers of the Cosmos at the London branch of the Theosophical Society this Sunday, 2 March. Details are here. Please come if you’re so inclined.