How One Gets Something From Nothing

Materialism wants to explain life in terms of dead matter and mind in terms of mindlessness – which means, in effect, that it wants to deny both by explaining each as a complex and exceptional case of its opposite. But this is like saying that intelligence is really only a peculiar form of stupidity.

2 thoughts on “How One Gets Something From Nothing

  1. Ah, Physicalism – the easiest cocktail party argument to win. Isolate the philosophers who deny mind and consciousness, they are the easiest to spot, the wannabe zombies. Then rope off the mathematicians and remind them of Godel, the computer geeks and remind them of incomputability, the physicists of Bell’s Theorem, the cosmologists of uncertainty – remind them all of their holes and ask for explanation, or require that they go live in Copenhagen. And finally the quantum mechanicians: ask those poor souls: who is observing? Remind them that theirs is the field that REQUIRES Consciousness. It’s either that or “many worlds” – let them choose for themselves, but many worlds means buying many rounds of drinks.

  2. Rationalism seeks to explain matter without recognizing that it is conscious; and it also seeks to explain mind by reducing it to neuronal electrical impulses without recognizing that consciousness itself cannot be measured or quantified.

    And yes most of what passes for intelligent discourse could be viewed as a form of stupidity if we are looking at such limited discourse from the perspective of a unitive consciousness.

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