Getting Beyond the Robot at Watkins Bookshop: Colin Wilson, Outsiders, Peak Experiences and More

Here is a link to a video of a talk I gave at Watkins Bookshop here in London on Friday November 11. Watkins is the oldest and most well-known of London’s esoteric and occult bookshops, having catered to a clientele that included W. B. Yeats, Aleister Crowley, and Mick Jagger – Sir Mick, I mean. It’s a landmark spot, on Cecil Court, an atmospheric alley off Charring Cross Road in the West End, lined with rare book stores and memorabilia shops. I talk about my latest book, Beyond the Robot: The Life and Work of Colin Wilson, to an appreciative crowd. Watkins has a publishing wing and in recent years has released new editions of some of Wilson’s work, specifically The Occult  and Beyond the Occultthey also published one of Wilson’s last works, Superconsciousness.


2 Responses to “Getting Beyond the Robot at Watkins Bookshop: Colin Wilson, Outsiders, Peak Experiences and More”

  1. meg olmert Says:

    Here in the US listened to your Arts and Ideas interview. My husband and I were amazed and thrilled by your lucid and fascinating insights into Colin Wilson. I have never read him, but will do so immediately along with your book. How wonderful to have discovered your light in these very dark times.

    • Dear Meg, I can’t express how much your message touched me. I am an American living in London – have been here twenty years – and I have spent the last few months in a daze of unbelief. And after watching the inauguration I am even more dismayed. To hear from you that somethings I said on the radio have given you some hope – well, that is enough to dispel my dark thoughts and to give me a sense of renewal. Thank you for that. All the best, Gary

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