Beyond the Robot at Colin Wilson World

Geoff Ward at the superb Colin Wilson World site has posted an intelligent and insightful review of Beyond the Robot: The Life and Work of Colin Wilson. Geoff is a long-term Wilsonian and knows his stuff, as his review shows. He contributed a brilliant essay, “Superconsciousness: the literary crux,” for the Wilson festschrift Around the Outsider, edited by Colin Stanley, which any true Wilsonian should surely check out.

Speaking of Colin Stanley, today I saw copies of his recent book, An Evolutionary Leapat the Karnac Bookshop, here in London, proudly on display. I was so moved that I immediately wrote a review of it on Read the review, but more to the point, buy and read the book. It is an important and necessary gathering of Wilson’s key ideas about human psychology and, as P.D. Ouspensky said it, our possible evolution.

3 thoughts on “Beyond the Robot at Colin Wilson World

  1. Dear Gary,

    I have recently become an admirer of your writing. I am currently reading your superb biography on Mme Blavatsky. Unfortunately I missed your recent talk at Treadwells. Are you speaking again soon in London? It would be great to have the opportunity to hear more about your work.

    Kind regards

    Moon Laramie

      1. Thank you for this Gary. I will be able to come to hear your talk at Watkins Books. I have given and attended talks there in the past. It’s a great venue. I look forward to seeing you there.

        All good wishes


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