Some rather occult interviews

Here are links to two recent interviews, one with Dave Halpin at Occultum, the other with Greg Kaminsky at Occult of Personality. Both more or less center around The Secret Teachers of the Western World.

In other news, I’ve finished doing the final proofs for Beyond the Robot: The Life and Work of Colin Wilson, and may even have some bound uncorrected copies to show off at the Colin Wilson Conference at Nottingham University next month. This should prove to be an interesting gathering; Wilson scholars from across the globe will be speaking on many things Wilsonian. I’m giving a talk on Faculty X and how some sense of the importance of grasping the reality of “other times and places” was part of Wilson’s philosophy from the start. And I should mention that my third online course for the Californian Institute of Integral Studies is up and running. This summer we are doing “The Lost Knowledge of the Imagination,” the subject – and title – of my next book, due in 2017 for Floris Books.

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