A Conversation about Madame Blavatsky

Here’s an excerpt from an interview I did for ‘Conversations with Bianca’. Bianca is an Australian zine-maker (and scene maker as well, I suspect) who has collected some fascinating interviews with various creative people over the years, and is working on a long term project, ‘Conversations with Punx’.  Why she asked to include me in her collection I’ll never know…

2 thoughts on “A Conversation about Madame Blavatsky

  1. I find interesting the debate about whether she was in Tibet or not. Officially the country was isolated and the mountain roads were almost impassable, but hundreds of pilgrims arrived each year. She came alone? Where did she extracted so abysmal knowledge from Tibetan Buddhism?

    So much questions, difficult to answer. What’s your opinion about that?

    Thanks, Gary. Greetings from Madrid,

    1. I guess you’ll have to read the book. I think the evidence – or lack of it – suggests she wasn’t there, and some biographers argue that her claims to have been in Tibet were actually a ‘blind’, covering up where she ‘really’ was. But I’m willing to accept that she could have been, and many of the arguments against her being there are not as strong as they appear. Like the rest of us, you’ll have to come to your own conclusion. By the way, my book on Rudolf Steiner came out in Spain recently, published by Atalanta, who will also publish a Spanish version of my book A Secret History of Consciousness next year. All the best.

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