Dreaming to Some Purpose: The Live and Times of Colin Wilson

A crowdfunding page aiming to help finance the making of new Colin Wilson documentary has gone live, and I’m writing to pass this information on to all the Wilsonsians out there who know there is a need for a good documentary about the original Outsider. Colin has appeared in other videos, but none so far has been adequate or able to convey the range, depth, and complexity of his work, all the way from existentialism, the psychology of crime, to the paranormal and higher states of consciousness. This project aims to do just that.

There’s a variety of Wilsoniana offered as rewards for donors, ranging from some of Colin’s own possessions – his Swiss Army knife among them – signed copies of his books – and mine too (Beyond the Robot) and other perks. Please check out the promotional video and the other material at the site. Here’s the link: Dreaming to Some Purpose: The Life and Times of Colin Wilson.

In other news, the release date for my book on precognitive dreams and synchronicities, Time and the Dreaming Mind , has been pushed back to 2022. Blame coronomania. In the meantime, along with the talks I have lined up – the dates are given in the previous post – I have an article in the Sept-Oct issue of New Dawn #182 about how the Covid-19 lockdown in London helped me to understand some of CW’s basic ideas. In “Getting Beyond the Robot” I show how Colin’s notion of “the paradoxical nature of freedom” is at the heart of our moments of “wakening.”

I trust you are all well and keeping safe.

6 thoughts on “Dreaming to Some Purpose: The Live and Times of Colin Wilson

  1. Hi Gary,
    Thanks so much for your article Getting Beyond the Robot in the latest New Dawn. It’s refreshing to read something like this with a larger viewpoint as compared to all the Corona virus news-hype and “scientific” opinions. The ongoing lockdown here in state of Victoria, Australia has been oppressive but hopefully will start to ease in the coming days.
    I also very much enjoyed your books on Ouspensky and Hermes Trismegistus. I am a little older than yourself and spent quite a number of years in a FourthWay/ Advaita Vedanta school here.
    I see you were in Australia not so long ago – pity I missed you. Many years ago I spent three years in London (as a young Australian “hippy”) and lived in a bedsit near Hampstead Heath at South End Green area. Was a lovely time.
    Best wishes and thanks again 🙂

    1. Thanks for your message Rod and I’m glad you liked the article. Yes, I was in Melbourne and Sydney last year. Enjoyed it very much and hope to return one day. I used to live near South End Green and know the neighbourhood well. All the best and stay safe.

  2. I’ve just finished your Wilson book; thanks, great job. Wilson has always been a hero of mine and you did well by him. Hope we can all see the Space Vampires sequel someday, and reissues of the Sorme novels. I’ll be picking up the Holy Russia book one of these days. Cheers!

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