A Midsummer Roundup

Here are some interviews and reviews from recent months.

I was glad to see in a review of Dark Star Rising that I avoid “all that cheap and vapid capitalising on personal celebrity status, invariably zeroing in on low hanging fruit of negligible import, which is all too common in the field of popular entertainment and image marketing.” It’s true, you know.

Here’s a conversation I had with Christina Harrington of Treadwell’s Bookshop here in London about my new book The Return of Holy Russia.

At Thoth Hermes.com I have officially been declared a “living philosopher,” no mean feat, especially if you are trying to make a living out of philosophy.

Here’s another conversation a la Russe, with Greg Carlwood at The Higherside Chats.

Here’s a chat with Luke Dodson who, among other things, is the great grandson of J.B. Priestely, whom I’ve been writing about recently in my current work in progress, a book about precognitive dreams. Priestley was a “time-haunted man,” as evidenced by his still very readable and revelatory book Man and Time.

Here’s a review of The Return of Holy Russia by Stephen Greenleaf.

And if you are an absolute glutton for all things Russian, here’s another conversation about Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky,and what Tsar Vladimir is up to these days.


7 thoughts on “A Midsummer Roundup

  1. Just wondering what you might think of the new film called ‘Infinite Potential’ regarding the life and work of quantum physicist, philosopher and deep thinker, David Bohm. Now availabel for free viewing sponsored by the Fetzer Memorial Foundation. Personally, I was very deeply engaged many years ago by his book ‘Wholeness and the Implicate Order’. The film, I think, is beautifully done and presents a compelling argument that has significant current relevance in terms of a revolution of consciousness that is necessary and needed… https://www.infinitepotential.com/
    I would be very interested in what you think of the flim and the transformation in consciousness, the ‘revolution’ that it calls for, very much in line with Jean Gebser’s call for the emergence of a new ‘integral’ structure of consciousness made possible through the realization of a concretion of time.

    1. I just watched it last night and found it very well done, although I could have done with a little less Koyaanisqatsi-style sped up film. I’ve been interested in Bohm’s work for many years, and also in F.David Peat’s – I met Peat many years ago briefly at a “science and art” event here in London. I would say that Bohm’s implicate order and Gebser’s ever-present Origin have much in common. I do have to say I’ve never had much interest in Krishnamurti. The “teaching of no teaching” just never did anything for me. But yes, let’s hope this film and other efforts can at least point the way toward the transformation of consciousness that is sorely needed. I suspect we are already feeling the effects of Gebser’s “breakdown” of the mental-rational consciousness structure, given the upheavals of recent years. Fundamentally it is up to individuals to navigate through this “time of troubles” and to actualise the transformation in themselves. Social eruptions won’t do it on their own.

  2. This is a quote from Colin Wilson on the back cover of my paperback copy of Bohm’s ‘Wholeness and the Implicate Order’ published by ARK…’Bohm is a tremendously exciting thinker, and this is undoubtedly a book of the first importance.’ It kind of made me want to read it, back when. I still think the quote and the book remain deeply relevant now, if not moreso than then.

  3. Hello Gary! I’m so glad to get an update on current projects you are working on and interviews. I have read Beyond the Robot 2 maybe 3 times- with highlights everywhere- such a fun and informative read. Because of this book I read 5 of Colin Wilson’s books- and I have watched many youtube lectures that you have given, among them the Thinking Allowed eps (which is also where I first found Wilson!) I love all the names that you introduce me to! Loved the Owen Barfield interview.

    I host a weekly astrology ‘metaphorcast’ that’s aired where I live here in Burlington VT- my slug line is “bringing the poetry of the skies down to the actuality of daily life” It’s 5 minutes, set to pretty music that my twin composes- and I quote a lot of great thinkers- many that you have pointed me towards!
    I have a blog here too at wordpress (happy astro pondering).

    I just wanted to connect and tell you how much I am inspired by your work!

    OH!- and I used to play drums with a guy named Matt Katz-Bowen who now plays for BLONDIE!

  4. Hi Gary,

    Just a shout out from a new fan. I ran across your body of work in my own deliberate search to get to the heart of Owen Barfield’s message…by way of Mark Vernon’s YT channel. It’s been an immense pleasure to see that for the last many years now you’ve been breaking ground for people exactly like me, someone seeking his own spiritual path….and trying to gather the disparate bits of wisdom from all the esoteric teachers of modern times. I’ve learned a great deal just from watching your channel on YouTube, but I’m looking forward to reading your work….it’ll probably take me a while, which is good, really. It’ll keep me engaged.

    All these great teachers…none perfect, but all of them trying to describe the elephant in the room…One begins to get a picture of the reality of our spiritual existence eventually, if you can take them all in and take what seems to make sense and apply it in your own life.

    If you ever make a book tour in the states, I hope you visit our local independent bookseller here in Austin Texas. I’d love to hear you speak in person on just about any subject.



    1. Many thanks for your message Eddie. I’m glad you are finding my work helpful in your quest. And if I am going to be in your neck of the woods, I will certainly let you know and would happy to talk at your shop. All the best.

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