A Conversation about Imagination

Here’s a link to my latest interview with Jeffrey Mishlove on his excellent Thinking Allowed You Tube channel. This time it’s about the lost knowledge of the imagination. As always with Jeffrey, it’s a wide-ranging and with any luck stimulating discussion.

If you’re interested in following up with a look at the book, you can find it here. For those of you in the UK, here’s where to go.

And, if you haven’t had enough of imagination, here’s my interview about it for Interalia Magazine.

Also, there are still places available for my seminar on imagination at the Omega Studios in Rhinebeck, NY, in October 4-6. I’ll be there with Dean Radin, Alex and Allyson Gray, and Regina Meredith.

I’m also speaking at the Black Flame conference in Montreal, Oct 11-13.

I am setting up some dates in NYC in October as well, and will post these when they are definite.

7 thoughts on “A Conversation about Imagination

  1. Halo again Gary, Steven in Colorado here. I thought to leave one more message concerning the upcoming New Muse Book Series, which I am currently pursuing via Archway, the independent arm of S&S, your pubber. The reason I mention this book series to you, is because 1) I appreciate your writing, and 2 ) our lines of extensive research often coincide, i.e. Mcgilchrist, Radin, Hancock, West, and many more etc…all great folks and good reads, like yourself. 3) I feel that these eight psychically and spiritually inspired books will be of definite interest to yourself and to some of the folks I just mentioned, perhaps. Hancock endorsed an illustrative book, 50 new Egyptian ideas, which I bought and found revealing. Wow. It DID have new ideas, like my books. My background is in the deepest computer research, so I am accustomed, and happy, to have 10-15 books open at once, as I sift and glean, like I used to do in the vast IBM Internet Library. Now there’s a maze. I used to find stuff that was really hidden to others.
    Anywho, I estimate that there are 250 NEW IDEAS coming out in this New Muse Series. One quick example would be concerning the word KARMA, which is believed to be of ancient Hindi and Sanskrit origin. This is not far back enough; we need to go back into pre-historic times, when ancient societies, some unknown, roamed the world. The real origin of “KARMA” comes from the Egyptian KA RA MA. I know you will figure out the relation, with your knowledge base. KA RA MA also applies to the Buddhist Dharma…both originated in KA RA MA. I’m sure you can see the Mind, the Sun, and the need for truth and ‘justice’ in KA RA MA…which has basically the same meaning as Karma, with the added essential element of solar infusion. These books also reveal, for the first time, the Egyptian origin of the primary Hindu God names, which many readers will find very intriguing. These two examples may whet your reading appetite, perhaps. I appreciate your listening to this brief explanation. Keep an eye out for the upcoming series, if you are interested. The first book, The Secret Yoga of the Vikings (TRUE!) will be out in a few months. I am finishing The Cosmic Gilgamesh; Neanderthal and the Saga’s of Body, Mind, and Spirit,, which I know will wow you to the extreme!. Ha. It certainly wows me…a lot. Well, ok, I’ve been wrong before, so I will hedge this bet concerning your possible interest, although the book is truly, extremely provocative and revealing. Academics will hate it, so you know I’m onto something! I know you are extremely busy, so please don’t bother with a response. With your contacts and background, I would of course appreciate any positive words, if deserved, going forward. I’ll go read your books today, after my writing window.

    Best Regards in the Great Spirit of the Universe,

    Steven A. Key (KA)

  2. Oops…one more burp. The New Muse Series also introduces the first known animal to human speech, confirming Chomsky’s Universal Grammar, which he considered came from animals. It did.



  3. My friend Karen Williams is attending your talk in Soho this evening Gary, can’t wait to hear all about it. With regards to speech coming from animals. That is true without a doubt as even we humans are animals.

    1. Interesting subject. I relate animal to human speech in the Colors of Mind in Ancient Times, with remarkable, vivid, ok, well shocking examples. Its due out in a new or so, as a part of the NEW MUSE book series. Take Care Everyone…Steven

  4. Hi Gary, it was great to meet you. I do apologise if I was a bit too verbally ‘over the top’ with you – our character traits our difficult to control sometimes, but I am sure my book will show a more contemplative side to ‘little old me’. The talk made me feel as though you had somehow inadvertently perhaps redeemed Crowley for us. Maybe that WAS your intention, and I left feeling nothing but compassion for the man, and also a sense of ‘but for the grace of God, there go I’. He was a man of his times, and it is good to be reminded of the ‘fallen angels’ who dealt with some of the worst aspects of the human shadow for us. We are freer because they ‘carried the can’ for us earlier on. I am sure he is well and loved in Heaven now, with his autism completely irradicated. Many thanks Gary, Karen.

    1. Hello Karen. It was a lovely to meet you and many thanks for your book. I’m glad you liked to talk. I didn’t set out to redeem Crowley specifically, but although he could be despicable, there was a side to him that warrants serious attention. And yes, I did feel compassion for him. For all his faults, when it came to his addiction, he was painfully honest with himself. something not everyone is capable of. I’m in the midst of preparing for a trip to Australia for a lecture tour and have quite a few things to do before I go. But thanks for introducing yourself and I look forward to reading your book when a free moment pops up. All the best, Gary

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