Two Reviews of Beyond the Robot

 My new book, Beyond the Robot: The Life and Work of Colin Wilson, will be published on August 30. If you haven’t decided yet whether or not to get a copy, these reviews by seasoned Wilson scholars should help you make the right choice. David Moore is a brilliant Wilsonian; I had the great pleasure of meeting him at the First International Colin Wilson Conference held on July 1, 2016, at Nottingham University, home of the Colin Wilson Archive. I have not met Thomas Bertonneau, but I have read his work and am happy  that he found the book worthy of an extensive and detailed review.  If you know others who are as yet undecided, encourage them to read these reviews, and to recognize that it is high time for all of us to get beyond the robot.

5 thoughts on “Two Reviews of Beyond the Robot

  1. Dear Gary Lachman:
    I just finished your very gratifying book on Colin and wanted to send you a fuller appreciation by post. (This website commentary is almost beyond my skills.) I believe we must have met in the early 1990s in San Francisco, when I was the director of public programs at CIIS and working at the Jung Institute, setting up some of the programs for Colin that you referred to in your text. In any case, your study is a complete success (I came to it after reading your Secret Teachers book earlier this year, and your studies on Jung and Steiner a few years ago). Could you send a mailing address to my private email, if you are willing? If you care not to, at least let me say that you have truly picked up where Colin left off, and filled me with delightful memories. Many thanks, Michael Flanagin

  2. Hey Gary,
    Just wanted to thank you for your labour of love in writing
    Beyond the Robot – I started reading Wilson in the sixties
    and must have read some fifty or more of his works now
    over the years.Your own writings suggest a similar insatiable
    curiosity for matters esoteric and are comparable to Wilson’s
    in many ways.Hopefully,your biography will stimulate further
    interest in what Wilson was trying to achieve in the here
    and now and beyond.

    1. Many thanks for your message Luke. I am encouraged by it and I too hope that more people come to Wilson’s work through my book. He was and remains the single most important influence on my own writing. I’m glad that he is important to you too. All the best, Gary

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