The God of The Labyrinth: Sex and Consciousness

I’ve written an Introduction to Colin Wilson’s mind-and-other-organ-expanding novel The God of the Labyrinth, the third and last in his Gerard Sorme series, following Ritual in the Dark and The Sex Diary of Gerard Sorme. If you haven’t read these you are in for a treat. Wilson can make the telephone book exciting and his ability to analyse the mechanisms of higher consciousness while using the genre of the erotic novel to write gripping prose is nowhere more evident than in this page-turner from the early 70s.  In the course of researching the life of eighteenth century philosopher-rake Esmond Donnelly Wilson’s alter-ego Sorme encounters nymphomaniacs, sadists, fetishists, pyromaniacs, sex gurus and a lot more. But the real heart of the book is Sorme’s quest for the secret powers of the mind and his search leads him to the mysterious secret society known as the Cult of the Phoenix. Great fun, great ideas, and enough steamy episodes to keep you up at night.

5 thoughts on “The God of The Labyrinth: Sex and Consciousness

  1. Hi Gary,

    Apologies if this is not the most appropriate area to post this comment:

    I recently revisited your work ‘a secret history of consciousness’, along with some work by Jacques Vallée and Colin Wilson (Alien Dawn). I would tend to agree with these writers agree that the UFO phenomenon is inextricably bound with our consciousness in some way, and perhaps even, linked with the evolution of our consciousness. I think Jung initially wrote about it being a mass projection of our psyche. The strange paradox is there does appear to be a physical element to phenomenon, (to which I think Jung later agreed).

    Being the insightful thinker you are, I would be keen to know what your thoughts are regarding the phenomenon, especially with its implications on the evolution of our consciousness and perhaps even the nature of the participation and/or or interactions with these ‘other’ intelligence’s are.


    1. Dear Tom,

      Many thanks for your comments. I do talk a bit about this in my book on Jung, and in an article I contributed to the catalogue for a recent art exhibition in Germany, Cosmic Laughter, I raise similar points about the recent 2012 phenomena as Jung did regarding UFOs: that it may be a projection, or a kind of global dream. I do tend to think these sorts of things may tell us more about our current stage of consciousness than about an external, physical reality. But as you say, UFOs do seem to have a physical component. But then, so do poltergeists, so the two may not be mutually exclusive. Do you know Ian Watson’s UFO novel Miracle Visitors? If not I would certainly recommend it, as he takes the premise that they are somehow involved with the evolution of human consciousness and uses this to create a thought-provoking narrative. I highly recommend it. All the best, Gary

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