Secret Societies and their Rituals

Here’s a link to a brief article on secret societies that I wrote for the Munich-based magazine Earnest & Algernon (obviously inspired by Oscar Wilde…)

2 thoughts on “Secret Societies and their Rituals

  1. Gary Lachman’s “Madame Blavatsky: The Mother of Modern Spirituality” is an immensely readable book about an amazing Russian spiritual seeker in the 19th century. It’s obvious that the author did his research by dipping deeply into the springs of Blavatsky’s writing, however, he never lets the torrent of her thoughts sweep him away. Lachman is a story-teller and a biographer before he is a disciple or a fan. I’m hoping Gary turns his attention to Gurdjieff, the other great Russian mystic-fraud of modern times. I’m also looking forward to reading some of his other books. Steve Farrell author of “Mersey Boys.”

    1. Many thanks for the warm words about the book. I haven’t done a book on Gurdjieff but did write a biography of P.D. Ouspensky, in which Gurdjieff features largely of course. All the best and good luck with Mersey Boys.

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