The Beast’s Last Days

I’ve contributed a long essay to a book about the last days of Aleister Crowley, and where he spent them. If Crowley puts you off, let me say that Netherwood: The Last Resort of Aleister Crowley is a fascinating literary and historical study about a remarkable boarding house in Hastings, England, that saw a curious collection of writers, philosophers, wits, and other eccentric characters pass through its doors. It is also beautifully put together, a unique item in every way, and should appeal to those with discerning tastes.

3 thoughts on “The Beast’s Last Days

  1. Hi, Gary. I was prowling the Princeton University library yesterday and stumbled on The Dedalus Book of the 1960s. I’m already a hundred pages or so into it and I have to say it’s brilliant. All the odds and ends that have captured my interest over the years are in there–from Morning of the Magicians and Lovecraft to Robert E. Howard, Crowley, Kenneth Grant, the Babalon Working of Hubbard and Parsons, and on and on. And here I thought I was the only guy alive who’d read Viereck’s Metapolitics (haha). Really excited to continue reading!

    1. Many thanks for the warm words David. I’m glad you like the book, and even more that you found it in the Princeton Library. I’m impressed they have it. Yes, I read Viereck here in the British Library – great stuff. Let me know if you like the rest of it. All the best, Gary

  2. I’ll let you know. The thing that impresses about the book is that you demystify the material in much the same way that Goodrick-Clarke did for the occult nazi crowd, untangling the connections among all the varied sources, separating fact from mythmaking, and so forth. Your overview of the Ace imprint is one example. Those books featured large in my youth, and it’s fascinating to read the backstory on them. Anyway, I run off at the mouth. Thanks and take care!

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