Lost Knowledge with Jung the Mystic – and a Dark Star

I’ll be speaking about my books Jung the Mystic and Lost Knowledge of the Imagination at three Saturday Salons hosted by the Salome Institute of Jungian Studies. (Odd, just as I wrote “Salome,” the announcer on BBC Radio 3 – their classical station – commented on Salome’s “Dance of the Seven Veils” from Richard Strauss’ opera… That’s synchronicity for you.) The dates are April 11 and 25, and May 9. The talks are on Saturday mornings, 10:00 AM PST, which is 6:00 PM GMT. The Salome Institute is offering a 3 for 2 deal. If you’re tired of looking at cat videos, this might be a surprising change.

I’m also talking about my book Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump at an online event hosted by the Science and Medical Network. This starts at 7:30 PM GMT on 6 April.

I hope everyone is staying safe. As I mentioned on Twitter, I’ve been looking over my dream journals of several years – going back to the late 1980s and early 90s – and in a dream from 1998, I am told to “Just stay home. There’s no reason to go out. Just stay home, where it’s safe.” Here’s the link. I don’t know if this counts as a precognitive dream – that’s the focus of my next book – but it is certainly quite a coincidence.


9 thoughts on “Lost Knowledge with Jung the Mystic – and a Dark Star

  1. Talking of amazing conincidences (rather than precognition) I had one years ago. I was backpacking through Asia and ended up in Hong Kong where I met a British expat who was working for a clothing manufacturer there. He was kind enough to offer to show me the sights of Hong Kong over a couple of days. One day he picked up his mail and said he’d received a letter from a female friend of his in Bangkok who was teaching English there. He opened the letter and started to read it. While he was reading the letter he passed me a photo she’d enclosed with it saying “Here is a photo of her”. I looked at the photo and recognised her. Incredibly I was sitting next to her in the photo. When I pointed this out to him he was as amazed as I was. I had met her in Bangkok while staying there and had gone to celebrate her birthday with some others at the restaurant where the photo was taken. I have often wondered what the odds of something like this happening were.

  2. Probably, you do well to ease an audience into the concept of synchronicity, Gary. However, bear in mind that there is another level to synchronicity – super-synchronicity – that is indistinguishable from macro-psychokinesis. ‘Synchronicity’ implies a time element which colors our thoughts. The Schopenhauerian ‘Will’ best captures these phenomena. Break a leg.

  3. Hi! Will the talk be available for purchase? I wanted to attend but couldn’t make it on time. Thanks for your work, I really love your books.

    Stay Clean!

  4. Hi Mr. Lachman, have been reading about Spiritualist mediums and their controls/guides and The Philip Experiment- I wonder ifit is possible to conjure up beings via imagination, and these beings are every bit as convinced of their reality as we are of ours. And further, what if we ourselves are also the product of imagination? Have you written about anything that might relate to something like this that you can point me to? Love your appearances on New Thinking Allowed.

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