Owen Barfield, Goethe, Julius Evola, and – chaos? What chaos?

Here’s a link to the second lecture in my three-part course on the Lost Knowledge of the Imagination I’m giving at the Nura Learning site. In it, I talk about the work of the Inkling Anthroposophist Owen Barfield, and the search for the Primal Plant that took Goethe to Italy. The next and last lecture will focus on ideas about the responsibility of the imagination, why it is important to be aware of what is going on inside your head, because, unlike what happens in Vegas, it doesn’t always stay there.

And here are two links to two recent interviews. One is my second conversation with Jeffrey Mishlove. This time we talk about the strange connection between politics and the occult that seems to have come into the spotlight of late. We did it via Skype and my image is a little hazy at times. When this happens I usually suspect the presence of the Black Brotherhood, who are always trying to interfere with my work. But this time it was the settings on my camera. I’ve since adjusted them and I think next time around the picture should be better.

Here is an interview with Regina Meredith, for whom Truth Matters.  We’ll be taking part in a weekend workshop seminar at Omega, in upstate New York, in October 2019, with Dean Radin and Alex and Allyson Grey. Details to follow.

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