Dark Star Rising Over a New Dawn

Goodreads is having a giveaway for Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump, which will be released on May 29th.  Five copies are up for grabs so get your skates on. And the Dark Star audio book – my first – is also available.

In other news, the latest issue of New Dawn has my piece on Jordan Petersonmania. In it I ask the philosophical question “What is Jordan B. Peterson Really Saying?,” and come to what I think are some useful answers. They may even help us get past postmodernism sooner than we think.

Happy May Day. I’m giving a talk on Madame Blavatsky this week at Carlyle House – I think she would approve –  and remember that May 8th is White Lotus Day, when she pulled up stakes once again and headed into the Akasha…

4 thoughts on “Dark Star Rising Over a New Dawn

  1. Just got done reading your book Secret Teachers. Your survey of many writers and schools of thought seems quite comprehensive. Tell me if you’ve heard this one before:….

    Imagine a species that evolves instead of a few tens of thousands of years, many millions of years. Eventually their brains grow so advanced they were able to transcend sequential time.

    We live in sequential time in the material world. What would it mean to transcend sequential time? There would be no was or will be, there would only be is. In the material world the current moment continually unfolds into the next so quickly it can hardly be said that the immediate now even exists. But absent incessant sequential time, time would not exist there would only be is.

    The problem, as they say, were it not for time everything would happen all at once. The good news; you would be immortal. There is no was or will be, only now, so you could not not be. The bad news; you would only exist as a form of pure energy. You could not possess a physical material form. You could not experience tactile sensation, the pleasure of sex or the pleasure of eating a delicious meal. In the words of the great polka philosophy “In heaven there is no beer, that’s why we drink it here.”

    To transcend sequential time. To transcend three dimensional material existence. Is that what you might call the fourth dimension?

    Imagine a species that has transcended three dimensional space and sequential time. Given the lack of fine wine and gourmet food while existing as pure energy, maybe, sometimes, for a vacation they decide to inhabit the bodies of material life forms just to experience the tactile pleasures. Maybe they exist like as a soul inside these alien bodies. And what more excellent a body to inhabit than the sexually obsessed war loving, semi intelligent humans on planet Earth?

    Perhaps you could send me an email. Curtis.Rhodes@gmail.com

  2. You might be interested:

    “Trump’s self-aggrandizing way of talking about himself has its roots in New Thought, and it’s a type of magic thinking: Your words, thoughts, and beliefs are tools and powers unto themselves that can change reality. Trump, like hundreds of rappers (including the latest hitmaker Post Malone) and millions of Americans, believes in speaking things into existence. As the mystic scholar Manly P. Hall, who was read by Ronald Reagan, wrote: “Though the demonism of the Middle Ages seems to have disappeared, there is abundant evidence that in many forms of modern thought—especially the so-called “prosperity” psychology, “willpower-building” metaphysics, and systems of “high-pressure” salesmanship—black magic has merely passed through a metamorphosis, and although its name be changed its nature remains the same.””

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