The Ocultura Conference in Spain

Here’s a link to the website for the Ocultura Conference in Leon, Spain, which I’ll be speaking at in October. It promises to be quite an event. I’ll be joining Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, authors of The Templar RevelationThe Forbidden Universe and other books, Javier Sierra, author of the best-selling The Secret Super and other titles, as well as other speakers for several days devoted to exploring the influence of occult ideas on modern culture. I’ll be talking about my book Politics and the Occult, which has recently appeared in a Spanish edition. Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump, which I recently submitted to my publisher, and which will be published in May 2018, takes up where Politics and the Occult leaves off.

6 thoughts on “The Ocultura Conference in Spain

  1. Hi, Gary.

    My name is Ken Roberts. I work for a university in Denver, Colorado.

    Nice to see someone writing about Wilson who actually understands Wilson.

    I’m writing because I read somewhere that there’s an unpublished Wilson manuscript concerning the nature of the hero. It would be wonderful to see this book in print; and so far as I know, you’re the one person who might be able to make that happen.

    To the best of my recollection, I saw the reference to the book in an extended bibliography of Wilson’s work; but I no longer remember just where that was.

    With best wishes,

    1. Hello Ken,
      Many thanks for your email. Wilson did write a book about the hero. It was called The Age of Defeat in the UK but in the US it was title The Stature of Man, because the publisher wanted something more ‘upbeat’. It is part of his Outsider cycle. A few years back, Colin Stanley, Wilson’s bibliographer, put out a new edition of it as part of his Pauper’s Press. It had a new introduction by CW. I’m not sure if it is still available. Colin Stanley has been publishing a great deal of material left after Wilson’s death, and also arranging for much of Wilson’s papers to be housed at the Colin Wilson Archive in the University of Nottingham. Colin Stanley might know about an unpublished ‘hero’ manuscript. His email is If you write him, mention me. Thank you for your warm words about the book. I am glad you enjoyed it – it is aimed at readers like yourself who know Wilson and understand what he is getting at. All the best, Gary

      1. Hi, Gary:

        Thanks so much for your kind and helpful response. I somehow missed seeing it until now.

        As a somewhat obsessive reader of Wilson, I devoured The Stature of Man (here in the US) many years ago (together with all the other volumes of the Outsider Cycle). As I understood matters, the ms. in question was something else – something, written at book length, that was never published. (Though it may well have been conceived as an additional volume in the ‘Outsider Cycle’, and might even have ‘spun off’ of The Stature of Man.)

        In any case, thanks for the contact information. I’ll be sure to mention your name.

        On a separate track: to your knowledge, has anyone given thought to a Wilson studies journal of some sort? There are any number of issues worth further analysis in his work.

        However, as academics have rarely had much respect for his oeuvre, I can’t conceive anything originating from that quarter.

        Will all my best wishes,

      2. Hello Kenneth. Paul Newman used to publish a little magazine called Abraxas that specialized in Wilson and Wilson-related material. Paul died a few years back and Abraxas had saldy stopped publishing a few years before this. It did have some very interesting stuff. Colin Stanley’s Pauper’s Press is devoted to Wilson, and his Colin Wilson Studies series has produced some good things – I’ve contributed a couple of titles. But yes, academia never looked positively at him, but I suspect as it runs out of new things to study, he may be in for a thesis or two. All the best, Gary.

      3. Hi, Gary:

        I found that reference to the unpublished Wilson ms. Here it is:

        Unpublished works

        The Anatomy of Human Greatness (non-fiction, written 1964; Maurice Bassett plans to publish this work electronically)
        Metamorphosis of the Vampire (fiction, written 1992-94)[9]


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