BBC Radio 3 Interview about John Dee

I’ll be on the BBC Radio 3 program Free Thinking Tuesday, January 26, 22:00 – 22:45, talking about the Elizabethan magician and inventor Dr. John Dee and his relationship with his scryer, the dubious Edward Kelley. I’m not sure how available the broadcast is outside the UK, but I think you should be able to get it. I’ll be speaking with my friend Kevin Jackson, author of Mayflower: A Voyage From Hell. Kevin is a fine cultural critic and a staunch devotee of Dr. Dee. The segment is only a few minutes so if you blink you’ll miss it.

3 thoughts on “BBC Radio 3 Interview about John Dee

  1. Hello Gary, how are you? Here is Luiz from Brazil. Have you already known that three books of yours were published in Brazil? They are: Jung The Mystic, Madame Blavatsky and Politics and the Occult). Well, I´ve read them. But “Turn Off Your Mind” is the book I enjoy most. At 2004 when I read the Disinfo edition it was a astonishing experience. I thought “This guy is the new Colin Wilson” (and this is a tremendous compliment). Fifteen years ago I read The Outsider for the first time, and my live really changed, and since then I search of the miraculous, studying Sufism and Gurdjieff´s Work. And now I can wait for your next book about Colin Wilson. So, let´s keeping in touch. Best!

    1. Hello Luiz and many thanks for your comment. Yes, I know about my books in Portuguese – I’m happy they’ve been translated and I hope more will be soon. I’m glad you like Turn Off Your Mind – as its my first book, it’s one of my favourites too. DO you know about my new one, The Secret Teachers of the Western World? You can find excerpts from it here and here. Hope you like them. All the best, Gary

      1. Hello Gary. Yes, I do know about your new book. Well, I really enjoy your work, and as soom as possible I will purchase “The Secret” from Amazon. I promess to make some future appointments about it. And I will contact some brazilliams publishers to suggest the publication of Turn off your mind. The relation between pop culture and occultism is a popular subject in Brazil. Best, Luiz

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