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A review of my forthcoming book The Secret Teachers of the Western World

Here’s a link to a review of my forthcoming book The Secret Teachers of the Western World, which will be released on December 8 2015.

I’ve also written essays for two other publications coming out this month. The Secret Tunnels of England is another fine product of Antony Clayton’s ongoing obsession with what’s happening underground. My contribution, “The Occult Underground,” looks at a variety of different aspects of what we can call “subterranean mysticism.” The fact that it’s another book with the word “secret” in its title is sheer coincidence… And in Lord of Strange Deaths, a collection of essays edited by Mark Pilkington and Phil Baker to mark the hundredth anniversary of the appearance of Sax Rohmer’s fiendish super-villain, Fu Manchu, I write about Rohmer’s life-long fascination with the occult and take a look at his only non-fiction book The Romance of Sorcery.

And let me mention here that my recent talk on the origins of western philosophy, “Of Two Minds,” at Canterbury Christ Church University, went well and was a pleasure to give. The audience was very receptive and enthusiastic I’m sure that the course in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred offered there must be remarkable.