Two Reviews of The Caretakers of the Cosmos

Here are two reviews of The Caretakers of the Cosmos that, if I say so myself, are perceptive and thoughtful. I’m not exactly blowing my own horn here, but I admit I am letting you know about some people who are. This one is from an intelligent reader at Goodreads, and this one is from the people at The Magonia Blog, by way of fellow-writer Lynn Picknett. Tell your friends.


4 thoughts on “Two Reviews of The Caretakers of the Cosmos

  1. There is a review by Martin Lockley in Network (magazine of the Scientific and Medical Network). I was hoping to write it but was beaten to it! If you have not seen it, happy to send a copy.

    1. Hi Nicholas. Many thanks for this. I did see some of the Network review; some of it is used on the amazon page for the book. But if you have a link to it you can post here, that would be great. Thanks for your continued interest and for writing a great review yourself. Best, Gary

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