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A Bite of the Beast at Reality Sandwich

The people at Reality Sandwich have very kindly posted an excerpt from my Aleister Crowley. Tuck in, as they say in the UK.


Revolutionary Souls

Quest Books is putting out a collection of my articles and essays, Revolutionaries of the Soultaken from the Fortean Times, Quest magazine, and other sources. It’s a while before it will be available, but I thought I’d share the news.

The Beast’s Last Days

I’ve contributed a long essay to a book about the last days of Aleister Crowley, and where he spent them. If Crowley puts you off, let me say that Netherwood: The Last Resort of Aleister Crowley is a fascinating literary and historical study about a remarkable boarding house in Hastings, England, that saw a curious collection of writers, philosophers, wits, and other eccentric characters pass through its doors. It is also beautifully put together, a unique item in every way, and should appeal to those with discerning tastes.