Spring Roundup

The latest in my Thinking Allowed interviews with Jeffrey Mishlove is up on You Tube. It’s on Hermes Trismegistus and the Hermetic Tradition and you can find it here.

Later this month – April – I’ll be speaking on politics and the occult and punk rock, of all things, at FILBo, the international literary festival held in Bogota. This will be about as south of the border as I’ve ever got, so far at least.

On May 5, I’ll be putting everyone half asleep at Brompton Cemetery, in West London, going on and on about hypnagogia, that strange state in between sleeping and waking, and talking a bit about my experiences with precognitive dreams. I know you knew that already but please, give me a break.

On May 23 I’ll be talking about Rudolf Steiner at the Goldfinger House – not the Bond villain but the architect – in London’s leafy Hampstead.

On June 22 I’ll be talking about John Michell, of A View Over Glastonbury fame, and his place in the counter culture of the 1960s, at the John Michell Symposium held by the Temenos Academy at the Art Worker’s Guild in London.

On July 10 I’ll be talking about Alesiter Crowley on Drugs – yes, when wasn’t he? – at the Century Club in London’s still fashionable West End.

Further down the road, on October 4-6, I’ll talking about the Lost Knowledge of the Imagination at the Omega Studios, in Rhinebeck, NY, as part of their Real Magic weekend seminar, with Dean Radin, Alex and Allyson Grey, and Regina Meredith. It’s months away but places are going fast so if you’re interested, I suggest you reserve a seat now.

On October 11-13 I’ll be taking part in Black Flame 2019, the esoteric conference held in Montreal. I’m sharing the bill with some impressive speakers and the event should prove equally so.

Following Black Flame, I am trying to arrange some talks in NYC. Discussion is ongoing and I’ll post details as soon as they emerge.

Finally, my new book, The Third Way: History, Apocalypse, and the Return of Holy Russia is due to be published by Inner Traditions sometime early 2020.

There you go.

2 thoughts on “Spring Roundup

  1. Hello Mr. Lachman!

    I enjoy your books. I’v bought about five or six of them by now.

    Are you ever coming to Innsbruck Austria, where I live? Or Munich, Germany which is only about 2 hours away by train?

    I read your note that you will be going to Turin soon and where you add in passing that Turin is the city where in 1889 Nietzsche cracked and ended up in the care of his nit-wit isister Elisabeth, the curator and editor of his writings, also nicknamed ‘the Llama’ by her brother because she used to spit at him when they wer kids! No kidding!.

    But not so fast, Mr. Lachman!

    In 1889 Friedrich was picked up in his rented room by Overbeck, after Nietzsche was caught hugging a horse on the Piazza Carlo Alberto, the local square.in Turin, Overbeck arranged to go and bring Friedrich to the psychiatric clinic in Basel and later to the asylum in Jena where Otto Binswanger was the chief..In May 1890 Nietzsches Mother was finally able to take custody of Friedrich and bring her to her home and care for him in her Naumburg home..

    In 1893, Nietzsche’s sister Elisabeth returned from Nueva Germania in Paraguay following the suicide of her husband. She read and studied Nietzsche’s works and, piece by piece, took control of them and their publication. Overbeck eventually suffered dismissal and Gast finally co-operated. After the death of Franziska in 1897, Nietzsche lived in Weimar, where Elisabeth cared for him and allowed visitors, including Rudolf Steiner (who in 1895 had written one of the first books praising Nietzsche),[82][page needed] to meet her uncommunicative brother. Elisabeth at one point went so far as to employ Steiner as a tutor to help her to understand her brother’s philosophy. Steiner abandoned the attempt after only a few months, declaring that it was impossible to teach her anything about philosophy.

    I just wanted you to be aware that Nietszche needed assistance with regard to his daily living and contininuing to work…if possible.

    1. Many thanks for your comments and warm words about my books. I’ve been reading Nietzsche since I was 16, and have read several biographies and critical studies etc. His sister was the last person in the world he would have wanted to “take care” of him. She was a proto-Nazi, as was her husband. They tried to establish an Aryan community in South America. She used to dress Nietzsche in a toga and “introduce” important people to him. She would have introduced him to Hitler if he was still alive; she was an ardent National Socialist and there are several photographs of her showing Hitler around the Nietzsche Archive. Nietzsche, we know, would have despised the Nazis. In his last days he called for all anti-Semites to be shot. And when the Nazis tried to appropriate him as a precursor, they soon dropped him when they realised that his philosophy was totally opposed to theirs and that he said several positive things about the Jews. I tell the story of Steiner’s “meeting” with Nietzche in my book on Steiner. Elizabeth wanted him to do for Nietzsche what he had already done for Goethe, as he had made his name as an editor of Goethe’s scientific writings and was involved in the Goethe Archive in Weimar. He gave up giving her lessons in her brother’s philosophy because he saw that she was incapable of understanding it, or any other philosophy for that matter. Do you know Zarathustra’s Sister, by H. F. Peters? A gripping, disturbing, saddening account of her appropriation of her brother and his work.

      I’ve not been to Innsbruck, but coincidentally I am at present writing an essay to be included in a book that will coincide with an artist’s exhibition at the Ferdinandeum Museum in June. Small world. I do know Munich well, having visited several times and spent much time there. All the best, Gary

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