A Review of The Caretakers of the Cosmos

David Fideler, author of an important new book, Restoring the Soul of the World, has written a review of my book The Caretakers of the Cosmos, for the journal Parabola. If you’re not familiar with the book, perhaps the review will pique your interest. And if you do know it, that’s all the better.

5 thoughts on “A Review of The Caretakers of the Cosmos

  1. Dear Mr Lachman….Well, just stumbled on your book ‘Revolutionaries of the Soul’. Thoroughly enjoyed it.I love nothing better than reading about Rascal Gurus. Maybe you would like my own ‘Aleister Crowley & Dion Fortune’ which is a sort of ‘compare and contrast’ biiography, with new information about both!

    1. Dear Alan – I hope you don’t mind the informality – I’m glad you stumbled upon and liked the book. I’ve enjoyed your writing – especially the work on Dion Fortune – and look forward to your double bio of her and Crowley. He certainly had some choice words about her – your book perhaps has even more? All the best, Gary

      1. Ah thank you Gary! My book on AC/DF is already out there on Amazon, and I’ll get your ‘Revolutionaries’ when it is released. And others beside! Thanks for your kind comments about Priestess. I hope you read the later Thoth Pblcn version. It would take a book in itself to explain how I came to research DNF in the pre-internet days. She’s gone from my psyche now though. Shamefully, I’ve been completely unaware of your own work until now, which is odd considering that I share the same fascinations for the same people. I asked the Dark Lord himself, Kenneth Grant, if I could ‘do’ him, but he consistently gave a big NO. When I was writing AC/DF the various bods in the various branches of the OTO were all a great help, but I was staggered to find they all hated each other. Other books… I loved Noll’s Aryan Christ about Jung, and Miller’s (?) Bare Faced Messiah about Hubbard. And Tilletts ‘The Elder Brother’ about Leadbeater… I’d babble more but I’m sending this via a dodgy webmail from the back of my specialist Mobile Library, in which I visit OAPs in remote communities across Wiltshire. I’m in Pewsey at the mo’. Skylight Press did an interview with me (I avoid such things normally) in which I explain this bizarre aspect of my life. Anyway, I’m about to plunder the library catalogue for more of yours.
        Be good… Alan

      2. Hello Gary… I’ve now got your excellent ROTS firmly embedded among the books in the specialist Mobile Library I manage in Wiltshire. I’ll keep a gimlet eye on who takes it out. Mind you, I’ve got some of my own books on board too, and apart from my slightly pervy black comic novel about the Templars, no-one ever goes near them.
        Could I send you a Free Copy of my biography of William G Gray? He’s had an extraordinary if unseen/unknown/unrecognised influence on the post-War ‘witches’ – a term he loathed – such as Valiente, Crowther, Cochrane and Sanders. Basically they took his own innovative work and re-hashed key bits as hereditary wiccan lore. If you send me a PO Box to me via my email, or even your ordinary address, I’ll send it. And I PROMISE I will never let anyone else have these details, nor will I turn up naked outside your door some night screaming that I’ve stripped away the Veils of Illusion… All the best

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