Revolutionary Souls

Quest Books is putting out a collection of my articles and essays, Revolutionaries of the Soultaken from the Fortean Times, Quest magazine, and other sources. It’s a while before it will be available, but I thought I’d share the news.

8 thoughts on “Revolutionary Souls

  1. Will definitely look forward to it! I began with your book on Jung and am now on the fourth book you’ve authored (Hermes). I greatly appreciate your intellectual integrity and learn so much. I’ve had a lot of experiences in my life that don’t fit into the current world view. Having said that I don’t think I necessarily fit into the “new age” crowd either. Reading your books feeds my hungry mind and somehow makes me feel I can breathe. Thank so much!!!

      1. Well, your books are the kind of books I’ve dreamed about! I had a dream when I was 8 that changed my life. I know that may sound weird but I can still remember every detail as if it happened last night. After that, many more dreams and experiences that I’m still trying to figure out. I’ve felt out of place my whole life (I’m now 52). By the time I got to college a question burned within me, “What is real?” I took a required philosophy class in college but, frankly, it made no sense and just left me feeling stupid. Over the years I’ve studied religions, symbols and so forth, even getting involved now and then, but nothing has quenched my thirst. I wanted to begin seriously reading Jung and found your book on a web site. In that first book I came to trust you. You didn’t sugar coat the man’s life and you made him come alive. And you calmed down my fears that I wasn’t smart enough by suggesting more readable works like Marie-Louise von Franz’s works. I appreciate the way you respect for your reader. And, when you talk about gnosis the way you do, I want to cheer!

        One question: I was thinking of beginning to read Colin Wilson. I thought about starting with The Outsiders just because I so relate to the title. Would you recommend that as a good first book or is there another that might be a wiser choice?

        I’m so sorry to be so verbose and this is probably way too much information but I am grateful!
        Again, thank YOU!
        All the best,

      2. Dear Marie,

        Thanks for sharing this and I’m happy you’re getting something out of my books. The Outsider is usually the book most people who are beginning to read Colin Wilson start with. It begins his more than fifty year exploration into consciousness and I still find it gripping. It is his first book, written at 24. Other books you might check out are The Occult, Mysteries, and more recently Superconsciousness, which brings together a lifetime’s focus on these ideas. He is definitely worth checking out. His ideas have informed all of my work, and I have a chapter on him in my book A Secret History of Consciousness. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your research.

      3. Thanks Gary! I greatly appreciate your taking the time to advise me on the Colin Wilson books. Will definitely check them out. As it turns out “A Secret History of Consciousness” is sitting on my sofa and is next up in the queue! Your extensive notes and bibliography give me so many new, exciting things to explore! What delicious fun!!!
        All the best, Marie

  2. So far it is only the Blavatsky and Ouspensky books I have read but I am hooked . . . Hermes next and then on. I agree with other commentators that you are honest, scholarly, and gracious to the subjects of your research. That means a whole lot. I wanted to send you something in your personal email but am unable to do so–there are good reasons why you don’t want that to get out . . . but I would appreciate being able to send you one letter.

  3. Completely off topic but I can’t figure out any other way to get in touch with you. I’m a huge fan of your books and I’m really looking forward to your Crowley book in May. I blog at a very large religion/spirituality called Patheos and I do a fair number of book reviews and interviews there. I would love the opportunity to review your Crowley book before it comes out and possibly send you a few interview questions if you were interested.

    I know what it sounds “guy with a blog, doesn’t reach a whole lot of people,” but I’ve got pretty good reach, and it’s a crowd very interested in Crowley.

    Here’s a recent book review:

    And here’s a recent post on Crowley:

    I’m not a big Crowley guy, I am a fan of Led Zeppelin.

    Sorry for the intrusion! Looking forward to your continued good work.

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