Phenomenological Love: Caretakers of the Cosmos on You Tube

Here’s a video of my recent talk at Watkins Bookshop in London about my book The Caretakers of the Cosmos.

7 thoughts on “Phenomenological Love: Caretakers of the Cosmos on You Tube

  1. Very much enjoyed watching your talk in my home office Gary. Excellent and critically important message and book for these times especially! Thank goodness for the miracles of modern technology which makes distance irrelevant today 😉 Best, David

  2. I very much enjoyed watching Part 1 of your talk Gary but not sure where or if Part 2 has been posted. The miracle of modern tech shrinking distance and time 😉 I find your deep reasoning and broad knowledge of these subjects to be extraordinary and of critical importance to the human future at this time. Looking forward to reading the book fully. Best, David

    1. Dear David, many thanks for your encouraging comments. I’ve post a link to Part 2 of the talk; hope you enjoy it. I’d be very happy to speak in Toronton – distances and finances offer challenges though. But let’s talk. And thanks too for the links to your blogs. I look forward to checking them out. All the best, Gary

      1. Thanks Gary. We could look at a Toronto stop if and when you are planning to be in the Northeast of the US sometime in 2014. Let me know what you think of the blogs. I’ve also recently read “Hidden Wisdom” by Tim Wallace-Murphy which addresses similar themes as your two books that I’m now reading and my blogs. That perspective, which we appear to fundamentally share, is humanity’s main hope for the future now I believe. Best, David

      1. Thanks Gary. I managed to see your talk, and found it very interesting. I had a question I posted.

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