Madame Blavatsky at the Jefferson Exchange

Here’s an interview with me on the Jefferson Exchange about my new book Madame Blavatsky: The Mother of Modern Spirituality. They have some attentive, informed listeners on the Pacific West Coast – at least that’s my impression from the people who called in.  And actually, her name isn’t that difficult to pronounce…

3 thoughts on “Madame Blavatsky at the Jefferson Exchange

  1. Hello Gary,
    I am a long time Waldorf teacher who has studied Steiner and Geothe for a long time. Your biography is soooo good and helpful to those of us who work with Steiner’s ideas on a daily basis. I just bought your new book and look forward to reading it soon, with high expectations!
    Thanks for doing meaningful work!
    Amy Marks

    1. Hello Amy,
      Many thanks for the warm and encouraging words. It’s good to know that people with ‘hands on’ experience of Steiner’s work appreciate the book. I hope you’ll like Madame B too, but as I’m sure you know, she was a different kettle of fish. By the way, I make some connections between Goethe’s ‘active seeing’ and the ‘phenomenological love’ of the philosopher Max Scheler in a new book I’ve recently finished. Scheler isn’t always an easy read, but his ideas about how we can ‘know’ nature have much in common with Goethe. All the best, Gary

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